Our SEO Motto

"We Outrank Anyone In The Way Between Our Clients And Their Rankings"

I am a viciously competitive guy and I will never settle for #2! I feel this way about my website, my business and my clients. We work hard and in right direction. We know the track to follow. You are not our 1st client. Remember:

Ranking #2 = Ranking #LAST

Our Clients

Our Clients Websites Usually Have No Domain Age (New Websites) And Without Authority and Backlinks, Yet We Still Outrank Professional SEO Companies Who Manages Our Competitors Websites! How Is This Possible? Just Because We Are Experts In Carrot SEO.

The Domination Team



CEO Of Carrot Websites SEO Agency

Luqman here, CEO of a Professional SEO Agency that only serves real estate Investors' websites and businesses with SEO, Digital Marketing, Other Digital Promotions, Google Rankings, Local SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Admin, Websites Management, Social Media Promotions and Leads Generation! We have good experience working with many real estate investment companies that buy properties as is, flip and resell them. We manage their Ads, SEO, Websites, Google My Business and Social Media Accounts on monthly-based charges. I supervise my team and guide them on what to do according to the situation and condition. Let's talk about a long-term and honest deal.

Faisal Mushtaq

On-Page SEO Superviser

Faisal Mushtaq is a co-founder of the SEO agency having great skills in ON-Page SEO while doing on carrot platform and doing for real estate investors. He knows the quality keywords which home sellers search on google when selling their house fast for cash, He is expert in optimizing your website content for these keywords, and ranking in your local market area. He makes your Brand/Website popular in your area through google. He pulls you up to the top #3 positions on google.

Faisal SEO
kiran from carrot seo services

Kiran Rubab

OFF-Page SEO Supervisor

Kiran works on OFF-Page SEO to boost websites ranking after ON-Page SEO Optimization. She builds high-quality business directories and professional backlinks to increase domain authority and push forward the ON-Page SEO. She gives a backend boost to keywords to rank on google and then keeps these keywords in top positions and never lets your competitors outrank you. Kiran presents reports of each week's keywords ranking and ranking loss. In case of ranking loss, she starts on those keywords to make all lost keywords ranked again through powerful OFF-Page SEO.

We spent many nights trying to find “the expert” and “the best” SEO resources for real estate investors. But it took a couple of years of our own creating, testing, and failing to finally succeed… By replicating our success not once, not twice, but four times, we know what we’re offering will provide the power you need to dominate the rankings. We have 10+ guys expertd in carrot websites SEO & marketing for real estate investors. They are masters in ON-Page, OFF-Page and technical SEO for real estate investors.

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