Search Engine Optimization Is About People, NOT Google.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about People, NOT Google. Our secret (and the reason why we are 100% different than any and all digital marketing agencies) is that we never focus on what Google wants, we don’t care about ranking, and we don’t care about “traffic”. We focus on conversions! We have discovered that Google ranks the website that provides the most value #1. How does Google know which website provides the most value? Well, the website that generates the most leads is obviously the website that provided the most value to its users right? So we proposed a hypothesis.

“If we made sure our website converts traffic into leads, if our hypothesis is correct, we should always rank #1 no matter what keywords are used as long as the intention of that keyword is “selling their house”.

So we set out to test that theory! Did it work?

Helping Real Estate Investors Dominate Their Markets & Generate FREE Motivated Sellers Online

Not Just "Traffic", We Generate Motivated Traffic

Deals = Traffic + Conversion

Since We Want Very Motivated Free Traffic, We Can Simplify The Above Equation:



seo services for investor carrot websites

Welcome to the one and only SEO for real estate investors carrot websites platform. Get complete management of carrot-based real estate websites SEO. We have an experienced team to manage the ON-Page and OFF-Page SEO of carrot websites. We also optimize and rank your google my business and can assist you in various digital marketing and lead-capturing sources.

Luqman here, CEO of a Professional SEO Agency that only serves real estate Investors' websites and businesses with SEO, Digital Marketing, Other Digital Promotions, Google Rankings, Local SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Admin, Websites Management, Social Media Promotions and Leads Generation! We have good experience working with many real estate investment companies that buy properties as is, flip and resell them. We manage their Ads, SEO, Websites, Google My Business and Social Media Accounts on monthly-based charges. I supervise my team and guide them on what to do according to the situation and condition. Let's talk about a long-term and honest deal.

You have seen our skills, you have seen our clients destroying the competition. This is NOT JUST because we are damn friggin good at what we do (and we are), but this is also because our clients stay in touch with us, they listen to us. They follow my guidlines when sometimes i need some work from them which only they can done, they don’t argue or fight or resist when I tell them to change, or delete something on their sites.

For Pete’s sake stop asking how much work it takes. Stop telling me you have no time. Stop convincing yourself it is better for someone else to provide you with leads. How dense are you?!

We spent many nights trying to find “the expert” and “the best” SEO resources for real estate investors. But it took a couple of years of our own creating, testing, and failing to finally succeed… By replicating our success not once, not twice, but four times, we know what we’re offering will provide the power you need to dominate the rankings. We have 10+ guys expert in carrot websites SEO and marketing for real estate investors. They are masters in ON-Page, OFF-Page and technical SEO for real estate investors.

We don't just teach. We do it ourselves. Our professional team of real estate SEO Experts does SEO for real estate investors on their carrot websites to dominate their market, generate free, highly motivated leads and crush the competition online through our SEO services for carrot sites.


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